CiscoWorks Auto Update Server

The Auto Update Server provides a Web-based interface module inside CiscoWorks for upgrading device configuration files, software images, and PDM images. It is designed to interoperate with PIX MC to deploy the configuration files and to operate alone for updating PDM images.

AUS works off the principal of the devices (firewalls) periodically polling it for updates. If an update exists, the device requests to download the newer image or configuration file. Figure 14.5 displays the step-by-step flow of the PIX interacting with an AUS server.

Figure 14.5. Auto Update Server updated process.


The following step numbers correspond to the numbers found on Figure 14.5:

  1. The MC deploys the configuration file to the Auto Update Server.

  2. The PIX periodically polls the AUS server for a list of updates.

  3. The AUS sends the list of files to the PIX.

  4. The PIX verifies it has the latest files; if it doesn't, it requests the latest version.

  5. The newer configuration files are downloaded.


The Auto Update Server operates on port 443 (HTTPS).

Auto Update Server Configuration Tabs

The Web interface for the AUS is similar to PIX MC. It contains; Devices, Files (Images), Assignments, Reports , and Admin tabs are used to set up and configure the AUS system. Table 14.7 contains a brief description of each tab.

Table 14.7. CiscoWorks Auto Update Server Configuration Tab




Provides summary information about devices.

Files (Images)

Provides details about configuration files, PIX firewall software images, and PDM images. It also enables you to add and delete images.


Enables you to assign images to devices.


Displays reports.


Enables you to configure the AUS and change the database password.

In this chapter, we talked about CiscoWorks as the main enterprise software management product that can incorporate several modules to configure firewalls. The Cisco PIX MC is used to create groups of devices with similar attributes and provide configuration files. These configuration files can then be downloaded to the devices using the AUS feature of CiscoWorks.

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