salary experience, discussing, 196–198

salary history, discussing, 199

salary, negotiating, 12–13

salary range, obtaining from the interviewer, 197

salary review, having in six months, 198

scan conversion, 147

scanner. See token scanner

schema, 131, 132–133

screeners, examining prospective job applicants, 5

screening interviews, 9–10

search algorithms, searching for a particular node, 59

searches, common invoking trees, 59

security by obscurity, 190

SELECT SQL statement, 133–135

selling yourself in a resume, 206


avoiding busy waiting, 113

described, 108–109

kinds of, 108

senior developers, resumes for, 212–218

senior position, stressing management skills and experience, 212

Shape class, 123

shapes library for a vector-based drawing application, 123

shared key cryptography. See symmetric key cryptography

shared resources, concurrency issues involving multiple, 117

shift operators, 145, 146

short-term projects, compared to long-term, 2

side project, working on, 4

sign bit in binary two’s complement notation, 145

sign extension, when shifting right, 146

signing bonus, exploding, 12

Simple SQL problem, 136–137

single inheritance

limiting classes to, 128

as restrictive, 129

single mask algorithm, compared to multiple, 156

single-threaded coding, 107

singly-linked lists, 25–26

small company, working for, 2

social networking sites, 3, 7

software architect, 2

software development firms, working for, 4

software development, offshoring of, 3


analyzing, 20–23

explaining to the interviewer, 18

obvious and less-obvious to interview problems, 82

wrong occuring first to most people, 172

source position, tracking for the read location, 77

spatial problems, 174–184

spatial visualization problems, 176

special cases

exercises on, 39–40

identifying, 36

special-case solutions, interview problems with less-obvious, 82

specific answers, preferred to knowledge questions, 186

SQL (structured query language)

highlights of, 132–135

use of ternary logic, 141

sqrt function, using, 148

Stack Implementation problem, 30–35

stack-based interactive routine, implementing, 92


described, 30

iterative implementation for storing data on, 63–64

as a last-in-first-out data structure, 64

states. See attributes

static arrays

Java arrays as, 69

in most dynamic array implementations, 68

strcpy function in C, 71

string class, immutable in C#, 77

String class in C#, 73

string class in C++, 72

String class in Java, 72

string function, designing an in-place reverse, 82

string problems, 73–88

StringBuffer class in Java, 72

StringBuilder class in Java, 72


as closely related to arrays, 67

converting signed integers back into, 85–88

converting to signed integers, 83–85

described, 71–73

printing all possible combinations of characters in, 97–100

printing all possible orderings of the characters in, 95–97

reversing in place by exchanging characters, 82

reversing the order of words in, 79–83

storing internally as arrays, 71

truncating in C, 71

string-to-integer routine, converting a string to a signed, 83–85

strlen function in C, 71

struct, declaring for a linked list element, 31

structured query language. See SQL

subclass in inheritance, 122

subquery, using, 138

subtasks, tasks defined in terms of similar, 89

subtree property, as conducive to recursion, 58

subtrees, thinking in terms of, 61–62

suit, as overkill for a technical job interview, 11

SUM aggregate, using, 138

symmetric key cryptography, compared to public key cryptography, 189–190

synchronized keyword, creating a monitor in Java, 110–111

system programmers, 1

system threads

described, 108

versus user threads, 108–109

System.array abstract base class in C#, 70

Programming Interviews Exposed. Secrets to Landing Your Next Job
Programming Interviews Exposed: Secrets to Landing Your Next Job, 2nd Edition (Programmer to Programmer)
ISBN: 047012167X
EAN: 2147483647
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Pages: 94

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