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     in cd command
     undefined, not allowing
variables, environment [See environment variables]
variables, shell [See shell variables]
version of bash, determining 2nd
versions of bash 2nd
vertical bar (|)
     bitwise or operator
     extended pattern matching
     in case statement
     pipe 2nd 3rd
     vi command
     || (logical or operator) 2nd 3rd
vi editing mode
     character-finding commands
     commands conflicting with terminal interface control keys
     commands for, list of
     control mode commands
     deletion commands 2nd
     history list
     input mode commands
     selecting 2nd
     textual completion
     when to use
vi shell option
visible-stats variable, readline
VISUAL environment variable

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Learning the bash Shell
Learning the bash Shell: Unix Shell Programming (In a Nutshell (OReilly))
ISBN: 0596009658
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Year: 2005
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