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Babcock, Scott
backslash (\) character
     literal strings
     variable names
     escaping strings on command line
BBEdit 2nd
     attachable 2nd
     automatic location
     contents property hard to use
     inserting text 2nd
     insertion point elements
     Menu Scripts folder 2nd
     offset property, terminology bug
     print settings class defective
     pseudo-classes (records) used by
     Script menu
         implements persistence
     Shutdown Items folder
     Startup Items folder
beep command
before keyword
beginning keyword
begins with operator
behind (synonym for after)
Belleudy-d'Espinose, Serge
Bellhop 2nd
below (preposition)
beneath (preposition)
Berkowitz, Paul, xxi, xxii 2nd
beside (preposition)
between (preposition)
Big Cat 2nd
binary operator
binding name with value
bindings, Cocoa
blank line after continuation character
block 2nd
     abbreviating termination line 2nd
     how referred to in this book
     scope 2nd
bold (constant)
Bonjour name
     choose remote application bug
     targeting remote computer by
books about AppleScript
     parameter, replaced by "with" or "without" 2nd
boolean test (element specifier)
     dictionary, not listed in
     failure may generate error
     lists, not implemented for
         workaround (sort of)
     multiple tests
     performed by target application
     string considerations ignored
bootstrap code (applet)
bounding rectangle class
braces, curly
     delimiting lists
     delimiting records
bridge (AppleScript Studio)
Briggs, Don
bugs, AppleScript
     AppleScript Studio window management broken
     applet continue quit command doesn't quit
     as operator, class can't be a variable
     Attach Script to Folder script broken
     call soap command incompatible with many servers
     coercion between alias and Unicode text can fail
     coercion to integer but not to number
     colon in POSIX pathname misinterpreted
     empty run handler, stack overflow
     folder actions architecture flawed
     handler defined with prepositional parameters can be called with positional parameters
     list access speed
     list concatenated to empty list yields same list
     NSReceiverScriptError message
     open for access command creates file
     path to resource command doesn't locate Resources folder
     repeat with . . . in every, misbehaves
     script object assignment creates closure
     setting date/time string property of date yields stack overflow
bugs, common
     class specified instead of property 2nd
     datatype of returned value not checked
     equals sign used for assignment
     explicit return missing
     folder action script triggers itself
     handler, saying name instead of calling
     implicit coercion, unexpected
     range specifier forms conflated
     repeat with . . . in every
     result keyword used unwisely
     return keyword encountered prematurely
     scripting addition missing
     undeclared variable trampled
     variable name incorrect
building Xcode project
built-in command
built-in datatype
     identifier, launching application by
     Resources folder, locating file in
by (preposition)
     compiled script is more than
     decompilation of
         requires dictionary
bytes, raw
     entering Unicode characters as

AppleScript. The Definitive Guide
AppleScript: The Definitive Guide, 2nd Edition
ISBN: 0596102119
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2006
Pages: 267
Authors: Matt Neuburg

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