Instant Messaging with Gaim

Gaim is an Instant Messaging client program that runs in Linux. Because it is based on the America Online (AOL) Open IM architecture (, it has the same messaging features you get from AOL’s own messaging application.

To start Gaim from a red hat desktop menu, choose Internet ® Messaging Client. Figure 9-9 contains an example of the Gaim window.

image from book
Figure 9-9: Access your AOL Instant Messaging using Gaim.

From the main Gaim window, you have the following options:

  • Accounts — Add screen names, passwords, and options associated with your AOL Instant Messaging accounts.

  • Signon — Sign on to AOL Instant Messaging by using your selected screen name.

  • Preferences — Set preferences associated with AOL Instant Messaging and Chat windows. You can also load plug-ins that can perform special functions, such as spell checking and auto-reconnection.

Besides AOL IM protocols, Gaim supports other messaging protocols, including instant messaging protocols from Yahoo!, MSN, ICQ, Jabber, and IRC.

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