Between applications written directly for Linux and other UNIX systems, those that have been ported to Linux, and those that can run in emulation, hundreds of applications are available to be used with Fedora Core systems. There are dozens of locations on the Internet for downloading Linux applications, and many more that can be purchased on CD.

To simplify the process of installing and managing your Linux applications, Red Hat developed the RPM Package Manager (RPM). Using tools developed for RPM, such as the rpm command, you can easily install, remove, and perform queries on Linux RPM packages.

Of the types of applications that can run in Linux, those created for the X Window System provide the greatest level of compatibility and flexibility when used in Linux. However, using emulation software, it is possible to run applications intended for DOS, Microsoft Windows 95/98/2000/NT/XP, and Macintosh operating systems.

Red Hat Fedora Linux 3 Bible
Red Hat Fedora Linux 3 Bible
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