Appendix A: About the DVD-ROM


The DVD that accompanies this book consists of the complete set of installation packages and all source code related to the Red Hat–sponsored Fedora Project called Fedora Core 3. To install the DVD:

  • Follow the instructions provided in Chapter 2 and on the DVD.

  • Refer to Appendix B for a complete list of the Fedora Core 3 software packages.

If for some reason you don't have your DVD handy, you can find information on how to download a set of four installation CDs from the Fedora Project Web site at If you don't have a DVD drive, you can download those four installation CD images, burn them to CDs, and install from those CDs.

Web sites such as,, and can help you find extra, useful software packages that are not in Fedora (or any other Red Hat distribution). Some of these sites act as repositories that allow you to download sets of dependent packages (see the descriptions of yum in Chapter 5).

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