List of Tables

Chapter 1: Mobile Commerce Systems

Table 1: Major mobile commerce applications
Table 2: Specifications of some major mobile stations
Table 3: Comparisons of two major kinds of mobile middleware
Table 4: Major WLAN standards
Table 5: Major cellular wireless networks
Table 6: Major satellite systems

Chapter 3: Java 2 Micro Edition for Wireless Enterprise Applications

Table 1: J2ME profiles and APIs
Table 2: XML parsers that are appropriate for MIDP

Chapter 4: Configuring M-Commerce Portals for Business Success

Table 1: Distinction between m-commerce and e-commerce
Table 2: Personalization, permission, and specifications in m-commerce and e-commerce
Table 3: Contents of an effective business strategy for m-portals
Table 4: M-portal partner products and services

Chapter 7: OntoQueryAn Evolutionary Approach for Query Formation and Information Retrieval

Table 1: Results showing effectiveness of GA

Chapter 8: Modeling the Dynamics of Emerging Mobile Data Services Markets

Table 1: Typical MDS applications
Table 2: One-way ANOVA tests of relationships among content bundles and subscriber attributes

Chapter 9: Short Message Service (SMS) and its Applications

Table 1: Comparison between standard communication media (Clickatell, 2002)

Chapter 10: Multimedia Messaging Peer

Table 1: SMS versus MMS
Table 2: Jxta services

Chapter 13: Quality of Perception in M-Commerce

Table 1: Video categories used in QoP experiments

Chapter 14: QoS-Oriented Medium Access Control for All-IP/ATM Mobile Commerce Applications

Table 1: MAC protocol classification matrix with examples
Table 2: Comparing MAC protocols efficiency and time barrier overcoming abilities
Table 3: Comparing MAC protocols in terms of QoS-provisioning capabilities
Table 4: Comparing MAC protocols in terms of All-IP/ATM architecture support

Mobile Commerce Applications
Mobile Commerce Applications
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