Using the Companion CD

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To install the sample files, run Setup.exe in the root of the companion CD. This program copies the files to your hard drive and also clears the Read-Only flag on the files. If you re using a system with Windows NT 4.0 or Windows 2000, you ll need Administrator privileges in order to run the Setup program.

To uninstall the samples, follow these steps:

  1. Open Add/Remove Programs.

  2. Select "Inside ATL."

  3. Click the Add/Remove button.

Some of the files on this CD have long filenames. If either your CD-ROM driver or your computer s BIOS doesn t support long filenames on CDs, you should install the book s files by running the Setup.exe program in the \Short directory. The files in this directory are all in 8.3 format; the Setup.exe program automatically restores long filenames after it copies the files to your hard drive.

In addition to the sample program code, the companion disc contains the complete text of the original print book in fully searchable electronic book format. For information on installation, including software, minimum requirements, and support for the electronic book, consult the Ebook\Readme.txt file.

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