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Chapter 1

  1. Actually, you do have the option of linking dynamically to certain parts of ATL—several global functions and the Registry Scripting component—as explained in Chapter 4. More often than not, you'll find that you still link to the Visual C++ run-time routines, which you can do dynamically or statically. Fortunately, the choice is yours.

Chapter 3

  1. We use the term "Joe" the same way Mike Myers uses it in the movie Wayne's World—to indicate the mundane and the average.

Chapter 4

  1. Chapter 2 contains a brief, high-level overview of the concepts of apartments, method remoting, and marshaling but doesn't attempt to substitute for a thorough explanation. No book on the planet does a better job of describing the details of these concepts than Essential COM by our friend and colleague Don Box (Addison-Wesley, 1998). We highly recommend it.

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