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George Shepherd

George exposes several interfaces to the computer industry, including IAmADevelopMentorInstructor, IAmARogueWaveEngineer, and IAmAWriter. George is coauthor of Programming Visual C++ (Microsoft Press, 1998) and MFC Internals (Addison-Wesley, 1996). In addition, George is a contributing editor to Microsoft Systems Journal and Visual C++ Developers Journal. You can often find George appearing at conferences such as Software Development, Visual C++ Developers Conference, and WinDev. When not writing, speaking, and coding, George plays his guitars and rides his bicycle. He still prefers to play his Paul Reed Smith between compiles.

Brad King

Brad is a software engineer at RogueWave Software in North Carolina s Research Triangle Park. He was formally introduced to COM and ATL in Guerilla COM, a DevelopMentor course that George Shepherd was co-instructing (and in which Don Box cut his hair). Prior to RogueWave, Brad worked as a developer for Rockwell Software, participating in the initial OPC (OLE for Process Control) specification draft and writing code for the Logic and HMI groups. He also spent several years at Central Illinois Controls designing measurement/control systems and embedded devices. When he isn t writing code, he likes to swim, run, bike, and go to the beach with his wife, Jenelle; children, Matthew and Amanda; and the family s black lab, Luke.

Inside Atl
Inside ATL (Programming Languages/C)
ISBN: 1572318589
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 1998
Pages: 127

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