In this chapter, you examined a set of ADO.NET classes that enable you to create a memory-resident, disconnected representation of a database.

In the first section, you were provided with an overview of the features and elements of the DataSet class. You learned how to create a DataSet and add DataTables to a DataSet from an existing database table.

Next, you learned how to work with DataTables . For example, you learned how to define parent/child relationships between multiple tables contained in a DataSet .

You also learned how to represent the rows in a DataTable by using a DataView . This part of the chapter discussed how you can sort , filter, and find rows in a DataView .

Finally, you learned how to cache a DataSet by using the Cache object so that you can preserve the same DataSet over multiple page requests . You also learned how to display, filter, and find rows in a cached DataSet .

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