Chapter 2. Building Forms with Web Server Controls


  • Building Smart Forms

  • Controlling Page Navigation

  • Applying Formatting to Controls

This chapter focuses on the ASP.NET controls that you use most often in your ASP.NET pages: the basic Web controls.

In the first section, you learn how to use Web controls to build interactive HTML forms. This section provides a detailed overview of Web controls such as TextBox , RadioButton , DropDownList , and Button .

Next, you learn how to handle page navigation between your ASP.NET pages. You learn how to automatically redirect a user to a new page by using the Response.Redirect() method. You also learn how to use the HyperLink control to link multiple ASP.NET pages.


You can view "live" versions of many of the code samples in this chapter by visiting the Superexpert Web site:

Finally, you learn how to apply formatting to your controls. The final major section provides an overview of the formatting properties common to all Web controls. You also learn how to apply styles to controls.

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