Chapter 22. Creating an XML Web Service


  • Overview of XML Web Services

  • Creating a Simple XML Web Service

  • Testing an XML Web Service from a Browser

  • Accessing an XML Web Service Through a Proxy Class

  • Transmitting Complex Data in an XML Web Service

  • Examining XML Web Service and Web Site Interaction

In this chapter, you learn how to take advantage of an exciting new technology included with ASP.NET: You learn how to build and access XML Web services. First, you are provided with an overview of XML Web services. You learn what they are and why you might want to use them.

Next, you build a simple XML Web service that converts temperatures between degrees Fahrenheit and degrees Celsius. After you create an XML Web service, you learn how you can test it from a Web browser. You also learn how to retrieve information about all the methods and properties of an XML Web service and invoke a Web service method from a browser.

Next, you learn how to create a proxy class that enables you to interact with an XML Web service across the network. You learn how to automatically generate the proxy class and integrate the class into an ASP.NET application.

Finally, you explore the issue of XML Web service and Web site interaction and learn how to integrate application and session state into a Web service.

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