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C7 (Common Signaling System 7)
cable plant
cabling, LAN
call accounting 2nd
call centers 2nd
call flow
call forwarding 2nd
call logs
call origination service provides
call parking
call paths 2nd
call quality
call routing
        at PSTN connect points
        based on distinctive ring
        software vendors for
call setup, tracing with log comparison
Call Soft Pro
call transfer feature
call-handling applications 2nd
caller ID 2nd
        PSTN trunks and
        software vendors for
caller ID blocking
CallerID software
CALLERID variable, Asterisk
CallManager 2nd 3rd
        hererogeneous signaling and
        softPBX not on call path
        Version 4.1 modem support
callto: prefix, Skype supporting
camera surveillance
CANCEL method, SIP 2nd
capabilities negotiation
        Moore's Law and
        of IP networks
        of PSTN 2nd 3rd
CAPI channels, Asterisk CLI commands for
capi debug command, Asterisk CLI
capi info command, Asterisk CLI
capi no debug command, Asterisk CLI
carrier channel
CAS (channel-associated signaling)
CAT-5 cable, not using to connect T1 circuits
CCS (common channel signaling)
CDP (Cisco Discovery Protocol)
CDR default fields, Asterisk
cdr-csv file, Asterisk
cell phone, phreaking on
CELP (code-excited linear prediction) 2nd
Central Office (CO) 2nd 3rd
Centrex 2nd
Centrex groups
Centrex line, failure of
Centrex service
Centrex trunks
CER (Cisco Emergency Responder)
ChangeMonitor command, Asterisk
ChangeMonitor command, Asterisk Manager API
ChanIsAvail command, Asterisk 2nd
channel bank 2nd 3rd
channel-associated signaling (CAS)
channelized T1 circuit
channels 2nd
        Asterisk 2nd
        decoding and playback
        inspecting, with Asterisk
        line speed of
        media channels
        SIP, Asterisk and
        Zaptel, Asterisk and
CheckGroup command, Asterisk
circuit noise
Cisco 7960 SIP firmware
Cisco ATA-186 ATA 2nd
Cisco AVVID IP/VC, videoconferencing using
Cisco CallManager 2nd 3rd
        heterogeneous signaling and
        softPBX not on call path
        Version 4.1, modem support
Cisco CallManager Express
Cisco Discovery Protocol (CDP)
Cisco Emergency Responder (CER)
Cisco IOS in a Nutshell
Cisco IP Firewall IOS firmware
Cisco IP phones
        7960 IP phone 2nd 3rd
        loading configuration files with TFTP
        not accepting 802.3af inline power
        SIP display phone
        web-based applications used with
Cisco media gateway 2nd
Cisco media gateway routers
Cisco PoE solution
Cisco PoE-compatible injectors
Cisco Routers for the Desperate
Cisco SRST (Survivable Remote Site Telephony)
city codes
CLAS (custom local area calling services)
CLEC (competitive local exchange carrier) 2nd 3rd
client-server model
CO (Central Office) 2nd 3rd
code-excited linear prediction (CELP)
codec algorithm
codecs 2nd
        bandwidth requirements for
        custom selection of, setting up
        how many to support
        IP phones and ATAs supported by
        packet rates
        peer-by-peer selection of
Comedian Mail, Asterisk
comfort noise generation 2nd
Command command, Asterisk Manager API
common channel signaling (CCS)
Common Open Policy Service (COPS)
Common Signaling System 7 (C7)
competitive local exchange carrier (CLEC) 2nd 3rd
computer telephony integration (CTI) applications 2nd
conference calling 2nd
configuration files, Asterisk 2nd
Congestion command, Asterisk 2nd
connect state, H.323 protocol
connection-oriented networking
connectionless networking
console key word, Asterisk
consultative transfer
contact information for this book
Contact One
contexts, Asterisk
Controlled Load service level, RSVP
ControlPlayback command, Asterisk
convenience of VoIP rollout
conventions used in this book
convergence, network 2nd
copper cabling
COPS (Common Open Policy Service)
core of network
CoS (Class of Service) 2nd
        802.1p standard for
        compared to QoS
        DiffServ standard and
        ToS and
        VLAN trunks and
        budget problems
        of overcapacity
        of PSTN
        of VoIP 2nd
        WAN layout and
country codes
CP (customer premises) distribution frames
CPE (customer premises equipment)
credentials for access control
crypto command, Cisco
Crypto commands, Asterisk CLI
CTI (computer telephony integration) applications 2nd
curly brackets ({...}), referencing variables
custom local area calling services (CLAS)
customer premises (CP) distribution frames
customer premises equipment (CPE)
Cut command, Asterisk

Switching to VoIP
Switching to VoIP
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