1.4 The Politics of Scanning

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If you're an ISP that provides email service, many of your users will want ‚ perhaps even demand ‚ spam-tagging or spam-filtering of their incoming email. Other users, however, may not want their email tagged or filtered, either because they don't get much spam, don't perceive the spam they receive to be a problem, or are concerned about the possibility of a real message being mistakenly tagged as spam.

Before you implement systemwide or sitewide spam-checking, consider carefully the needs of your users and your responsibilities toward them. At minimum, you must inform users (and would-be users) of any unconditional spam-checking you perform on their email. Better yet is to provide spam-tagging only for those users who opt to turn it on. Best of all is to enable each user to configure their own settings and threshold for how spam is recognized. This is doubly important if you not only tag messages for users but actually filter or block spam for them.

SpamAssassin is an excellent tool for distinguishing spam and non-spam email, but only if you've determined that your users want you to distinguish the two.

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