Chapter 6. Navigate the VoIP Network

    Section 6.1.  Hacks 7287: Introduction

    Hack 72.  Monitor VoIP Devices

    Hack 73.  Inspect the SIP Message Structure

    Hack 74.  Audit a Network's QoS Capabilities

    Hack 75.  Graph Latency and Jitter

    Hack 76.  Explore NAT Traversal

    Hack 77.  Shape Network Traffic to Improve Quality of Service

    Hack 78.  Create a Premium Class of Service

    Hack 79.  Build a $100 PSTN Gateway in 10 Minutes or Less

    Hack 80.  Make IP Phone Configuration a Trivial Matter

    Hack 81.  Peek Inside of SIP Packets

    Hack 82.  Dig into SDP

    Hack 83.  Sniff Out Jittery Calls with Ethereal

    Hack 84.  Log VoIP Traffic

    Hack 85.  Secretly Record VoIP Calls

    Hack 86.  Log and Record VoIP Streams

    Hack 87.  Intercept and Record a VoIP Call

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