Chapter Review Questions

The following questions test your knowledge of topics explained in this chapter. You can find the answers to the questions in Appendix A, "Answers to Chapter Review Questions."


Which two factors affect voice clarity?

  1. Fidelity

  2. Echo

  3. Sidetone

  4. Background noise

  5. Distance


Identify two broad categories of delay under which more specific types of delay are categorized?

  1. Variable delay

  2. Serialization delayfixed delay

  3. FIFO delay

  4. Processing delay


According to ITU-T Recommendation G.114, how much delay is acceptable for most user applications?

  1. 0 to 150 ms

  2. 200 to 250 ms

  3. 150 to 400 ms

  4. Above 400 ms


Which of the following QoS mechanisms does the AutoQoS feature enable on a Catalyst switch port?

  1. LFI

  2. cRTP

  3. WRR

  4. LLQ


What Cisco IOS software feature allows AutoQoS for Enterprise to dynamically discover an interface's traffic patterns?

  1. NBAR

  2. ACLs

  3. CEF

  4. CBAC


Which of the following interface configuration mode commands enables AutoQoS on an interface and instructs the interface to trust Layer 2 CoS priority markings only if those CoS markings came from a Cisco IP phone?

  1. auto qos voip device cisco-phone

  2. auto qos voip cisco-phone

  3. auto qos voip trust cos

  4. auto qos voip trust cisco-phone


If CAC and LLQ are enabled on a link, which traffic will be transmitted first?

  1. Small data packets

  2. Large data packets

  3. Voice packets

  4. Packets that arrived first


At what location in the network are CAC call control services configured?

  1. Incoming gateway

  2. Outgoing gateway

  3. Incoming gatekeeper

  4. Outgoing gatekeeper

  5. Entire network


With the _______________________ command, you can configure two thresholds, high and low, for each resource.

  1. call spike

  2. call threshold

  3. call treatment

  4. rtr responder


Which feature of Cisco Unified CallManager allows you to specify the maximum bandwidth available for calls to and from each location?

  1. Set bandwidth

  2. Locations

  3. Gatekeeper zone

  4. Active calls

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