Chapter 14. Testing

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Bad work follers ye ez long's ye live.

”James Russell Lowell

Testing shouldn't wait until the project is finished. Start testing before you write one line of code. Test constantly and effectively and you will develop a much more durable Web site.

The term "debugging" comes from Harvard University in the 1950s. After an exhaustive search for an error in a program, engineers there opened up the computer and found that an insect had died in the innards, which was preventing a relay from closing. Once the bug was removed, the program worked perfectly . Since that time, debugging has meant the process of looking for and finding system errors.

Over the years , a mystical belief has evolved that bugs appear magically, by themselves . That belief is wrong. Errors occur because someone puts them there ”all programmers create bugs .

How do the XP testing practices work in Web projects? To answer that question we need to look at

  • Unit testing

  • Unit tests for Web projects

  • Unit tests for XML (see Chapter 9)

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Extreme Programming for Web Projects
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