The Iterations Ahead

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By now you have revamped the release plan into a far more realistic projection, your team is working in a stable and predicable environment, your customer understands the XP process and her role in it, and you have some successes to feel good about. We have outlined these as the first three iterations, but think of them more as three themes to go through. On some projects setup will take two or even three iterations. You may need a few to get the customer up to speed or to get the team working well in XP. Iterations 1 through 3 for another team may be iterations 1 through 6 for yours. All projects are different. In any event you will notice that the role of the strategist is reduced by this time and that the customer has begun to be of more assistance in writing stories.

In future iterations you will find that you have achieved a sustainable velocity and that your estimates are getting better. The challenge in selecting stories now is in balancing them between design, server-side functions, and client-side functions. Though these are explicitly interdependent in the first few iterations, you will want to move ahead in parallel to use the team evenly and progress the site. The following are a number of obligatory stories for subsequent iterations. To these, as to the earlier iteration stories, you will need to add spikes and other functional and content- related stories that are unique to your project.

Typical Iteration 4 stories include

  • Content collection ”"Careers"

  • Content collection ”"Products"

  • Content programming ”"Our Partners"

  • Content programming ”"Our Experience"

  • Content layout ”"Who We Are"

  • Content layout ”"What We Do"

  • Import content ”"FAQs"

Typical Iteration 5 stories include

  • Content layout ”"Our Partners"

  • Content layout ”"Our Experience"

  • Content layout ”"FAQs"

  • Content programming ”"Careers"

  • Import content ”"Products"

You now see how the XP iterative process can be applied to a Web development project. Throughout all of the iterations the graphic design process is also ongoing. In the next chapter we explore how this process is affected by XP principles.

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Extreme Programming for Web Projects
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