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Taking Charge of Your VoIP Project
By John Q. Walker, Jeffrey T. Hicks
Publisher : Cisco Press
Pub Date : February 23, 2004
ISBN : 1-58720-092-9
Pages : 312

    About the Authors
    About the Technical Reviewers
    Why We Wrote This Book
    Who Should Read this Book
    How This Book Is Organized
      Chapter 1.  VoIP Basics
      In the Telephony Community
      In the Data-Networking Community
      Chapter Summary
      End Notes
      Chapter 2.  Building a Business Case for VoIP
      A VoIP Business Case
      VoIP Benefits and Obstacles
      Analyzing VoIP ROI
      Getting a Good ROI
      Chapter Summary
      End Notes
      Chapter 3.  Planning for VoIP
      Planning, Analysis, and Assessment
      Evaluation and Purchase
      Deployment, Tuning, and Testing
      Chapter Summary
      End Notes
      Chapter 4.  Do It Yourself, or Outsource?
      Why Outsource?
      Some Options for Outsourcing
      Whether to Outsource—And to Whom?
      A Methodology for Approaching Outsourcing
      Chapter Summary
      End Notes
      Chapter 5.  Quality of Service and Tuning
      Sharing a Network
      QoS: What and Why
      Network QoS Techniques
      Tuning Choices
      Configuration and Testing
      QoS and Tuning Recommendations
      Chapter Summary
      End Notes
      Chapter 6.  Ongoing VoIP Management
      Understanding VoIP Management
      Managing Operations
      Maintaining High Availability
      Maintaining Call Quality
      Accounting and Billing
      Chapter Summary
      End Notes
      Chapter 7.  Establishing VoIP SLAs
      Determining What to Measure in a VoIP SLA
      Implementing VoIP SLAs
      Chapter Summary
      End Notes
      Chapter 8.  VoIP Security
      Network Security Is Tough!
      Three Stages in Managing Security
      Problem Areas for VoIP Security
      VoIP Security Recommendations
      Chapter Summary
      End Notes


Taking Charge of Your VoIP Project
Taking Charge of Your VoIP Project
ISBN: 1587200929
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2004
Pages: 90

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