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If you want control over the image quality, size, and destination folder of copies, use the Export Picture to Folder command rather than Save a Copy. Like Save a Copy, Export Picture to Folder automatically saves (and converts, if necessary) all images to JPEG (.jpg) format. However, Export Picture to Folder can create a copy of any picturenot just the ones you've edited with Picasa.

In the Picture Library, select the picture or pictures you want to export.

To select multiple pictures, you can -click individual pictures, drag a selection rectangle around a contiguous group, -click the first and last picture in a contiguous group, or choose Edit > Select All (). To include pictures from multiple folders, select pictures from the first folder, click the Hold button, select additional pictures from a different folder, and so on.

Choose File > Export Picture to Folder (). The Export to Folder dialog box appears.

In the Export to Folder dialog box, specify the name and location of the export folder.

To set the name of the export folder, you can either accept the default name in the Name of exported folder box (the original folder's name) or change the name in the box to one of your choosing.

Specify the desired maximum size of the exported images.

To export the images unaltered, click the Use Original Size radio button.

To make the exported pictures a specific size, click the Resize to radio button. Then enter a number in the text box (in pixels) or drag the slider to reflect the desired size. (Pictures smaller than the specified size will be exported unalteredin their original size. Pictures that are larger than the specified size will be reduced so that their largest dimension matches the target size.)

Drag the Image Quality slider to set the amount of compression to be applied to the exported pictures. The lower the Image Quality setting, the greater the loss of data and clarity.

Click OK. The selected pictures are exported as new JPEG files, and then the destination folder is opened for you.

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