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Another cool feature is Picasa's ability to turn any set of photos into a movie that can be played with Windows Media Player or a similar utility. Rather than generate a simple slideshow movie, each image is panned to simulate motion.

Choose Create > Movie. In the Create Movie dialog box, set the Delay between pictures (15 seconds) and select the Movie size (in pixels). Click OK.

The Video Compression dialog box opens. Select a compression codec from the Compressor drop-down list. Click OK to create the movie.

When Picasa finishes rendering the movie, it is saved using the name of the folder from which the last image was drawn, such as Desktop.avi. The folder in which the movie is stored opens automatically. Cick the movie's file icon to view the movie.

Note: When selecting a compression codec, steer clear of Full Frames (Uncompressed). It can generate huge moviesoften 100 MB or larger! You may want to start by experimenting with the various Microsoft MPEG-4 codecs.

    team bbl

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