Appendix B: LDAP Requests for Comments and Drafts

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This section provides a list of RFCs that describe the LDAP protocol and its extensions. All RFCs are available from the IETF Web site ( You can also get an up-to-date list of all available RFCs at The Internet FAQ Consortium has a very useful Web site (, which offers FAQs, Internet RFCs, and Internet-Drafts (available in PDF format). This site also offers a complete and updated list of RFCs. Both sites also offer search engines to search for the RFC addressing the subject you are interested in. We will discuss the RFCs that address the LDAP protocol.

This section is divided into two parts. The first part shows you the RFCs relevant for work with LDAP, the ones defining the actual standard used. I have described these RFCs for your convenience. The second part lists all RFCs relevant for LDAP. I attached this list because it is interesting to see how the concepts have evolved over time; the list will help you to better understand what is happening behind the scenes and how the LDAP protocol got to its actual definition.

The list reflects all RFCs at the time this book was written and may not be complete because RFCs are subject to continuous update. You will need to look at the RFC site from time to time to get the updated version of the RFC list.

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