Publishing Profiles

When working on projects with guidelines on formats, and rules for those formats, sometimes it can become tedious to set those publishing settings every time. This is where publishing profiles come in handy. They offer the capability to create new profiles based on project requirements. You can save those profiles so the next time you need to use those settings, you just choose the profile from the drop-down. You can create, duplicate, edit, and remove publishing profiles.

To create a new publishing profile, follow these steps:


Click the Create New Profile Button.


Give your profile a name, as shown in Figure 7.2.

Figure 7.2. The Create New Profile pop-up.


Make all the changes you like to the options, and you're done.

You can return the settings whenever you like, select the profile you created, and all your settings will be made.

Creating multiple publishing profiles in conjunction with large-scale projects will save you time in the long run. Now that you have seen how to create publish profiles, let's go over some of the different formats you can publish to.

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