Syncing and Looping

Back in the Properties Inspector, the final set of options involve syncing and looping your sound. The first of the two options is Sync, which controls how your sound file will play in the Flash document. Here are the syncing choices:

  • Event This choice makes the sound play independent of the timeline. This also means that with this choice, it is possible to have overlapping sounds from the same file because each time the event is triggered, it starts a new sound playing regardless of whether it was already playing.

  • Start This choice also plays independent of the timeline, but it will not overlap itself.

  • Stop This choice stops the selected sound when it reaches the ending keyframe.

  • Stream This choice is the easiest way to keep your soundtrack and the timeline synced. Setting the Sync option to this choice will tell the Flash player to keep up no matter what, and if a user's system cannot keep up because of processor limitations, frames will be skipped as well as the corresponding sound.

When you are deciding which of these options to use, make sure you test the movie to listen to the sound, because these options can sometimes have an effect on the quality of the sound itself.

After syncing, you can choose from the looping options. Looping is the best way to make a short sound loop appear longer than it actually is. Because the longer the original sound file is, the more file size it will create, looping is a great alternative to longer tracks. The two options for looping are the following:

  • Repeat This choice will loop through the sound a set number of times. The default value is 1, and if you put 0 in its place, the same result will occur.

  • Loop This choice will loop the sound infinitely. There are no secondary settings for this option.

After you set a looping preference greater than 1, the Edit Envelope window for the Effect option will look something like Figure 6.6.

Figure 6.6. The Edit Envelope window after a looping option of 10.

That concludes editing the sound as far as syncing and effects are concerned, but you can also edit the compression of the sound file itself from the library.

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