List of Tables

Chapter 2: Cisco Network Security Elements

Table 2-1: Security-Relevant IOS Identifiers
Table 2-2: Cisco PIX Firewalls
Table 2-3: Capabilities of the Cisco VPN Concentrator Device Families
Table 2-4: Capabilities of the Cisco PIX Firewall
Table 2-5: IOS-Based Routers with VPN Module

Chapter 5: Enumerating and Fingerprinting Cisco Devices

Table 5-1: Common Cisco Proprietary Protocols

Chapter 8: Cisco IOS ExploitationThe Proper Way

Table 8-1: Memory Region Categories

Chapter 10: Exploiting and Preserving Access

Table 10-1: Structure of an Executable File
Table 10-2: Types Used in ELF File Headers
Table 10-3: ELF Header Structure for 32-bit Processors
Table 10-4: ELF e_ident Header Structure
Table 10-5: Section Header Format
Table 10-6: Program Sections Format
Table 10-7: Tested IOS Image File Header

Chapter 12: Spanning Tree, VLANs, EAP-LEAP, and CDP

Table 12-1: Default STP Path Costs

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