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Chapter 2: Portal Installation

Example 2-1: Receive Portal Product
Example 2-2: Receive Portal Maintenance PTFs
Example 2-3: Checking for UNICODE support
Example 2-4: Conversion table sample job
Example 2-5: Allocate target
Example 2-6: Create HFS structure
Example 2-7: Customize maintenance directory
Example 2-8: RACF definitions for Portal J2EE server
Example 2-9: BBOLDAT job customization
Example 2-10: Member BBOPOLDF
Example 2-11: BBOWTMCP member - parameters for Portal LDAP Server startup
Example 2-12: TDBM backend customization file - ldapmodify statements
Example 2-13: Setup RACF security for Portal z/OS LDAP server started procedure
Example 2-14: Retrieve portal database creation jobs
Example 2-15: Copy and modify the INITDB job
Example 2-16: Retrieve basic Portal for z/OS installation JCL
Example 2-17: Update file
Example 2-18: Update IBM HTTP Server configuration file httpd.conf
Example 2-19: plugin-cfg.xml
Example 2-20: Update Portal J2EE server webcontainer.conf file
Example 2-21:

Chapter 4: Portal Administration

Example 4-1: Using the Portal log from a portlet

Chapter 5: WebSphere Portal in a Sysplex

Example 5-1: TCP.PROFILE of system WPS3
Example 5-2: TCP.PROFILE of system WPS4
Example 5-3: OSPF definition of system WPS3
Example 5-4: OSPF interfaces and neighbours of WPS3, that own the VIPAs
Example 5-5: OSPF definition of system WPS4
Example 5-6: OSPF interfaces and neighbours of WPS4
Example 5-7: The file for the test environment
Example 5-8: httpd.conf file for WPS3 and WPS4
Example 5-9: Plugin-cfg.xml for WPS3
Example 5-10: Plugin-cfg.xml for WPS4

Chapter 6: Portlet Development and Deployment

Example 6-1: Simplest Hello world portlet example
Example 6-2: Original CompanySelection.jsp
Example 6-3: Modified CompanySelection.jsp
Example 6-4: The servlet code before modification
Example 6-5: The Portlet code after modification

Chapter 7: Portal Security

Example 7-1: schema.IBM.itso.ldif file extract
Example 7-2: file
Example 7-3: Enable Native Authentication in <SYSPLEX_NAME>.bboslapd.conf.portal
Example 7-4: Example of LDIF export from RACF
Example 7-5: NAUpdate.ldif, LDIF file for portal using native authentication

Appendix C: RACF Userid Conversion Script

Example C-1: CONVLDIF REXX program listing

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