2.2 What is in the box

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2.2 What is in the box

First of all, make sure you have the complete product package and documentation as delivered.

2.2.1 SMP/E tape for install on z/OS

The tape contains tar files for the following components:

  • WebSphere Portal Server Enable

  • WebSphere Transcoding Publisher

  • WPCP (WebSphere Portal Content Publishing run-time)

2.2.2 CD-ROMs for distributed platform

These are the CD-ROMs for the distributed platform:

  • WebSphere Portal Enable for multiplatforms

  • WebSphere Application Server for multiplatforms

    • Single Server (for the WebSphere Studio Application Developer)

    • Advanced Edition for WPCP

  • WebSphere Portal Content Publishing and WebSphere Personalization

  • Lotus Domino Application Server

  • DB2 UDB

  • Secureway Directory Server (LDAP)

  • IBM HTTP Server (IHS)

  • WebSphere Studio Application Developer (Application Developer)

  • Portal Toolkit

  • Product Fixpacks


The WebSphere Application Server for multi-platforms, and WebSphere Portal Enable for multi-platforms, are not licensed for production use.


Refer to Chapter 3, "Development environment installation" for details about the components shipped on the CD-ROMs.

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Websphere Portal on Z. OS
Websphere Portal on Z/OS
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