2.1 System prerequisites

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2.1 System prerequisites

In this section we list the hardware and software prerequisites for WPS.

2.1.1 Hardware prerequisites

The hardware prerequisites are:

  • zSeries, 9672 G5 or later, MP3000, IEEE floating point hardware

  • One or more cryptographic co-processors and/or PCI cards (if using SSL)

  • IP network attachments (OSA) to support clients/users load

2.1.2 Software prerequisites

The software prerequisites are:

  • OS/390 V2R10, z/OS V1R2 or higher

  • WebSphere Application Server for z/OS V4.01 at Service Level 401403 or later

  • IBM Security Server (RACF or equivalent)

  • LDAP Server

  • DB2 V7.1 (JDBC 2.0 driver)

  • Java SDK 1.3.1: J2RE 1.3.1 IBM OS/390 Persistent Reusable VM build hm 131s-20021114a or better

  • Unicode support

    • OS/390 V2R10 requires HUNI2A0 (ordered separately)

    • z/OS V1R2 and V1R3 requires HUN7705 (shipped with z/OS)


    Unicode code support should be installed and configured as part of the base system preparation. This is due to the fact that the Unicode conversion environment is initialized at IPL and therefore, an IPL is required to activate the support. See 2.4.3, "UNICODE support" on page 27.

  • FTP Server

2.1.3 Our environment

The environment we used for this redbook project, was intended to be representative of a setup that customers could use for testing WebSphere Portal and performing a Proof of Concept of the Portal functions. This was a brand new installation of Portal Server, and not a migration from PTF1 to PTF2. Our set up is reflected in the following system environment.

z/OS environment

Our z/OS environment includes:

  • z/OS V1R3

  • WebSphere Application Server V4.01 at Service Level W401503

  • SDK 1.3.1 at Service Release 20030204

  • LDAP IBM Directory Server V1.2

  • DB2 V7.1, JDBC 2.0

  • TCP/IP environment

  • Windows 2000, service pack 3


For migration from PTF1 to PTF2, please see the README file at:


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Websphere Portal on Z. OS
Websphere Portal on Z/OS
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