Part III: CVS Administration

This part of the book is for project managers and repository administrators. The chapters can be read in any order, but later chapters assume familiarity with commands explained in earlier chapters. Part III includes the following chapters:

Chapter 6, Repository Management

This chapter discusses repository management and the modules in the repository. It covers creating a repository and estimating disk space, the structure of the CVS repository, configuration and permissions, repository security, and hand-editing a repository.

Chapter 7, Project Management

This chapter covers the tools used by project administrators. Topics include importing and exporting projects, using the cvs admin and cvs history commands, and using the info configuration files to interact with bug-tracking systems or to enforce log-message formats.

Chapter 8, Remote Repositories

Most projects involve a repository on a different machine from the client. This chapter discusses the security considerations and methods of remote access and how to set up each method.

Chapter 9, Troubleshooting

Every tool has its caveats and gotchas. This chapter provides examples of things that can go wrong when using CVS and how to fix them.

Essential CVS
Essential CVS (Essentials)
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