Part V: Appendixes

The following appendixes contain brief information on, and pointers to, various third-party tools that work with CVS, and also answers some common questions:

Appendix A, Clients and Operating Systems

This appendix discusses third-party CVS clients for Windows, Unix, GNU/Linux, and Macintosh operating systems. It also discusses the tools that integrate CVS with programmers' integrated development environments (IDEs).

Appendix B, Administrators' Tools

Because CVS is a useful open source tool, people have written third-party tools for it. This appendix explains some of the useful third-party tools available for CVS.

Appendix C, Frequently Asked Questions

The info-cvs mailing list is a good way to learn what problems people have with CVS. This appendix contains the most common questions about CVS from that mailing list, and their answers.

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