Chapter 7. Wireless and Wired LAN Integration Overview

Chapter 7 Contents

Wireless Network Design Considerations pg 123

Establish Your Network's Size pg 123

Determining Bandwidth pg 124

Design for Special Needs pg 125

Design Checklist pg 127

Topologies pg 128

WLAN Topologies pg 128

Bridge Topologies pg 129

Channel Setup pg 130

Integration Issues pg 131

Security Planning pg 131

Virtual LANs pg 131

Using Cisco Equipment with Third-Party Vendors pg 132

Integration Checklist pg 132

Connecting Your Network pg 133

Address Management pg 133

Access Control pg 135

Roaming pg 135

Fast, Secure Roaming pg 136

Configuring WDS pg 137

Other Resources pg 139

Your wireless LAN (WLAN) becomes a component of your organization's existing wired LAN. Happily, integrating the WLAN into your wired LAN is straightforward. However, there are some issues to know when you bring the two together.

This chapter examines how to design and plan for your WLANtopological considerations, integration tips, and how to configure roaming.

Cisco 802.11 Wireless Networking Quick Reference
Cisco 802.11 Wireless Networking Quick Reference
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