Success Criteria for a Governance Track

The Governance Track successfully starts with the outlining of a project using a project charter and a productive kickoff of process enactment. The Governance Track has been successfully completed when the customer acceptance checkpoint is achieved, signifying that the team has satisfied the customer acceptance criteria, which is marked by the customer signing off on a project and taking receipt of a solution. It also signifies that a project has ended after delivering a solution that meets the needs and expectations of the stakeholders, users, and operations teams.

A successful Governance Track facilitates solution delivery in the least obtrusive means possible while proactively improving processes and procedures used by the team. It also enables the team and stakeholders to put into action the foundational principles and mindsets in a positive and reaffirming way. This includes capturing and providing project knowledge and lessons learned to those in operations and subsequent project teams.

Although a solution might not be fully deployed, the end of the Governance Track marks the end of a project and the disengagement of a project team. It is a positive sign that operations and support teams are confident and capable enough to finish deployments without project team support.

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Microsoft Solutions Framework Essentials: Building Successful Technology Solutions
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