Useful Cryptographic and Security Web Sites

  • Counterpane Internet Security is located at The founder and CTO of Counterpane is Bruce Schneier, the author of the popular book Applied Cryptography and inventor of the Blowfish and Twofish algorithms. This Web site has some interesting literature, and it also provides access to Crypto-Gram , which is a free monthly email newsletter on computer security and cryptography.

  • RSA Security is located at This Web site provides a great deal of useful information, including the CryptoBytes newsletter, white papers, technical notes, and bulletins on RSA-based cryptography.

  • The CERT Coordination Center is located at CERT is a federally funded security issue clearing center operated by Carnegie Mellon University. It provides a large resource of important up-to-date information on known security issues. This Web site provides the latest information on significant security incidents, vulnerabilities, and security alerts.

  • The Handbook of Applied Cryptography (also known as HAC) is freely available online at We mentioned this book earlier in this appendix, but we mention it here again simply because it is such an incredibly useful Web site resource for learning about cryptographic theory.

  • The Bureau of Industry and Security is located at It provides information on U.S. government regulations governing exports of encryption technologies. Note that each country has its own set of laws regulating encryption and security technologies, so please consult any relevant country-specific information that you may need accordingly .

.NET Security and Cryptography
.NET Security and Cryptography
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