Chapter 3. eXtreme Concepts

"I don't care about what anything was designed to do, I care about what it can do."

Gene Kranz (Ed Harris) [1]

[1] Apollo 13 , Ron Howard, Director; Jim Lovell, Jeffrey Kluger, Writers, 1995.

There are a number of values that underpin eXtreme project management. These values result in project management behaviors that are:

  • Participative: The management of projects is based on meaningful participation of stakeholders.

  • Proactive: Project management is a creative and proactive problem-solving process.

  • Open : Everything about the project is shared openly with all stakeholders.

  • Outward-oriented: The focus of the project manager is outwards toward the stakeholders.

  • Trusting: The project team is treated as professionals who are to be trusted.

In addition, eXtreme project management incorporates radical concepts such as these:

  • Project management is completely different from technical management.

  • Context is more important than content.

  • Whole-of-life project management.

  • The project manager is a facilitator and integrator rather than a manager.

  • Senior management are executive project managers.

  • Scenario planning rather than macroplanning.

  • Participative rapid planning.

  • Virtual teams rather than traditional teams .

This chapter explores these concepts in more detail and provides the framework for the eXtreme project management tools and techniques.

Radical Project Management
Radical Project Management
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