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CAB files, reading old DMF diskettes 
Cable Select 
cable-based termination 
    caution with  2nd 
    connecting to motherboards 
    DMA and 
    pinouts (floppy disks) drives 
    recommendations for 
    SCSI P, caution with 
    choosing hard disk drives and 
    L2  2nd 
    memory  2nd 
cache bus  2nd 
Cache on a Stick (COASt) 
cacheable memory 
canned air, repairing PCs and 
capacitive keyboards 
Card Edge Low Profile (CELP) 
card-edge connectors 
cases (outer cover of PCs)  2nd  [See also chassis]3rd  4th 
    AT-style desktop 
    choosing/recommended  2nd 
    drives, installing in  2nd 
    expansion cards, inserting in 
    mounting methods for 
    preparing for PC installation 
Castlewood ORB removable hard disk drive  2nd  3rd 
cathode ray tube (CRT)  2nd  [See also CRT monitors]
CAVs (Constant Angular Velocities) 
    read by DVD drives 
CD burners  [See CD-R drives CD-RW drives]
CD changers 
CD-Extra (CD Plus) 
CD interface connectors 
CD media media)  [See CD-R(W]
CD Plus (CD-Extra) 
CD-R discs/CD-RW discs media)  [See CD-R(W]
CD-R drives  2nd 
    choosing/recommended  2nd 
    differences in blank CDs 
    firmware for, keeping updated 
    making copies from copies 
    media for media)  [See CD-R(W]
    recording methods for 
    software for 
    troubleshooting writing problems 
CD-R premastering software, caution for backups 
CD-R(W) media  2nd 
    AutoRun disc, creating 
    bootable discs, creating/using 
    caution with 
    copy protection and 
    recommendations for 
    recording methods for 
    reflective layers 
    troubleshooting writing problems 
CD Recordable  [See CD-R drives]
CD Rewritable  [See CD-RW drives]
CD-ROM drives  2nd 
    ATAPI drives and 
    cable connections for 
    choosing/recommended  2nd 
    data transfer rates and 
    drive bay arrangements in 
    header-pin connectors 
        preparing for installation 
CD-ROM XA (Extended Architecture), CD formats 
CD-RW drives  2nd 
    choosing/recommended  2nd  3rd 
    DVD standards and 
    firmware for, keeping updated 
    laser power settings for 
    making copies from copies 
    recording methods for 
    software for 
    speed, caution for 
    troubleshooting writing problems 
    vs. high-capacity FDDs 
CD writers  2nd  [See also CD-R drives; CD-RW drives]
CD-RW drives
    media for media)[CD RW drives
        media for media)  [See CD-R(W]
CDR Media Code Identifier utility 
Celeron processors  2nd 
    improvements in 
CELP (Card Edge Low Profile) 
Change Line Support 
    ATA hard drive interface and 
    sound cards and 
charging circuitries 
chassis  2nd  [See also cases]
    expansion cards and  2nd 
    hard disk drives, installing 
    motherboards, installing 
    power supplies 
    removing the cover 
    CMOS settings 
    system information and 
    upgrading BIOS 
chipsets  2nd  3rd 
    bridging circuitry 
    CPU support 
    memory/cache support 
    processor support 
    upgrading systems  2nd 
CHS (Cylinder-Head-Sectors) 
CISC (Complex Instruction Set Computer) 
    vs. RISC 
clamshell cases 
Click of Death (COD) 
clock cycles (ticks)  2nd 
clock rates 
clock speed 
clocked mode (synchronous) 
CLVs (Constant Linear Velocities)
    CD-ROM drives 
    DVD drives 
    TrueX drives 
    ATA hard disks, installing 
    backing up data 
    memory, installing 
    save/restore utility for 
    slotted processors, installing 
    socketed processors, installing 
    tape drives and 
CNR slot 
COASt (Cache on a Stick) 
COD (Click of Death) 
color depths 
    display settings 
color management 
COM port settings, configuring 
Communications and Networking Riser (CNR) 
Complex Instruction Set Computer (CISC) 
    vs. RISC 
    caution with to avoid damage 
    OEM versions 
        vs. retail versions 
compression, lossless/lossy 
conducted interferences 
    AT Main Power Connector 
    floppy disk drives 
    P8/P9, caution with 
    power switch 
        caution with 
    SCSI DB25 
    speakers and headphones 
Constant Angular Velocities (CAVs) 
Constant Linear Velocities  [See CLVs]
Consumer PC 99 
Continuity RIMM 
controller card, in floppy disk drives 
cooked mode 
cooling devices, installing  2nd 
Coppermine core  2nd  3rd 
covers  [See cases]
    3D performance 
    chipset support 
    clock frequencies/speeds 
    speed settings, overclocking 
    speed support for 
    support for 
        caution with 
    transfers, managing 
    voltage supplied 
CPU multiplier 
    installing socketed processors and 
CRC error detection 
Creative Labs
    Sound Blaster 
Creative Vision Technologies 
cross-game commonality 
CRT (cathode ray tube) 
CRT monitors  2nd  [See also displays]
    caution with 
CS/CSEL (Cable Select) 
cyanine dye, in CD-R blanks 
cycle time 
cylinder addresses 
Cylinder-Head-Sectors (CHS) 
cylinders, in hard drives 
cylindrical tubes 


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