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D3D (Direct3D) 
DAC (Digital-to-Analog Converter)[DAC (Digital to Analog Converter) 
DAE (Digital Audio Extraction)  2nd 
Daily Copy Backup, caution with 
Daily Full rotation 
DAO (Disc-At-Once recording)  2nd 
DAT (Digital Audio Tape) 
data buses 
data bytes, in MIDI messages 
data cables, in floppy disk drives 
Data Express (StorCase) 
data flow analysis 
data transfer modes 
Data Transfer Rates (DTRs)  2nd 
    CD-ROM drives and
DataSwap (Antec) 
DB25 SCSI connectors 
DD (double-density) drive type 
DDR:-SDRAM (Double Data Rate SDRAM) 
DDS (Digital Data Storage) 
DDWG (Digital Display Working Group) 
decode units 
deflection yokes 
desktop boards  [See motherboards]
Desktop/AT and BAT pinouts  2nd 
device drivers 
Device Manager 
    DVD drives, installing 
    reserving resources 
device-based termination 
device/head registers 
Devices page, configuring tape drives and 
diagnostic tools  2nd 
DIB (Dual Independent Bus) 
differential devices 
Digital Audio Extraction (DAE)  2nd 
Digital Audio Tape (DAT) 
Digital Data Storage (DDS) 
digital data streams 
Digital Display Working Group (DDWG) 
Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) 
Digital Signal Processor (DSP) 
Digital-to-Analog Converter (DAC) 
Digital Video (DV) 
digitizing sounds 
DIME (Direct Memory Execute) 
DIMMs (Dual Inline Memory Modules) 
    guidelines for 
    installing  2nd  3rd 
DIN connectors 5/6-pin 
DIP (Dual Inline Pin) 
    chip pullers 
    rows and banks 
Direct Memory Access  [See entries at DMA]
Direct Memory Execute (DIME) 
Direct3D (D3D) 
DirectCD, caution with 
Disc-At-Once (DAO) recording  2nd 
discrete SRAM chips 
dishwasher method for cleaning keyboards 
diskettes  [See floppy disks]
Display Properties
    screen area settings, changing 
    video, configuring 
DisplayMate  2nd 
displays  2nd 
    caution with 
    controls/stored settings for 
    new, utility for testing 
    recommendations for 
    resolutions for 
        caution with 
    tube geometries of 
Distribution Media Format (DMF) 
DLS (downloadable sounds) 
DMA (Direct Memory Access) 
    CD writer troubleshooting and, caution with 
    CD-ROM drives, enabling for 
    determining if supported by disk drives 
    embedded chipset functions 
    mode transfers with Windows and 
    tape drives, configuring 
    UDMA/66 current technologies 
DMA modes 
DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) 
DMF (Distribution Media Format) 
    BIOS and 
    boot disk 
    CMOS settings 
    diagnostic tools for  2nd 
    virus scans 
DOS formatting  2nd 
dot pitch  2nd 
dot triads 
Double Data Rate SDRAM (DDR:-SDRAM) 
double-density (DD) drive type 
Double-Sided, Double-Density (DSDD) 
downloadable sounds (DLS) 
DP-SPGA (Dual Pattern Staggered Pin Grid Array) Socket 8 
DPMA (Dynamic Power Management Architecture) 
DRAM (Dynamic RAM) 
    types of packaging 
    in video adapters 
    methods for mounting in cases 
drive bays 
drive cages 
drive coolers 
DriveCopy (PowerQuest) 
DriveImage/DriveImage Pro, PowerQuest 
drive letter assignments 
    high-capacity FDDs and 
drive select (DS) 
drive trays 
DS (drive select) 
DSDD (Double-Sided, Double-Density) 
DSP (Digital Signal Processor) 
DTRs  [See Data Transfer Rates]
Dual Independent Bus (DIB) 
Dual Inline Memory Modules  [See DIMMs]
Dual Inline Pin  [See DIP]
Dual Pattern Staggered Pin Grid Array (DP-SPGA) Socket 8 
dual-booting, removable hard drives and 
dual-pipelined superscalar design 
dual-ported video adapters 
Duron/Spitfire (AMD processors) 
DV (Digital Video) 
DVD-R (Recordable) 
DVD-RAM drives 
DVD-ROM drives  2nd 
    media for 
    recommendations for 
    writable and rewritable 
DVD-RW (Rewritable) 
dynamic execution 
Dynamic Power Management Architecture (DPMA) 
Dynamic RAM  [See DRAM]


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