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Easy CD, BURN-Proof technology and 
EAX (Environmental Audio Extensions) 
ECC memory 
ECHS (Extended Cylinder-Head-Sectors) 
ED (Extra Density) 
edge-card connectors 
edge-sensitive interrupts 
EDO (Extended Data Out) 
    video adapters and 
EDP (Enhanced Dot Pitch) 
EIDE (Enhanced IDE) 
EISA (Extended Industry Standard Architecture) 
El Torito Specification 
Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) 
electron guns 
Electronic Frontier Foundation 
electrostatic discharge (ESD) 
embedded audio  2nd 
embedded servo 
emergency repair disk (ERD)  2nd 
EMI (Electromagnetic Interference) 
emulation modes, in tape drives 
encoding MP3 files 
Enhanced Dot Pitch (EDP) 
Enhanced IDE (EIDE) 
Enhanced Music CDs 
Entertainment PC 99 
Environmental Audio Extensions (EAX) 
erase power 
ERD (emergency repair disk)  2nd  3rd 
ergonomic keyboards  2nd 
error detection 
ESD (electrostatic discharge) 
ESDI as disk interface 
ethyl alcohol, repairing PCs and 
execution units 
expansion cards 
    caution with 
    installing  2nd 
expansion slots  2nd 
Extended Cylinder-Head-Sectors (ECHS) 
Extended Data Out (EDO) 
    video adapters and 
Extended Industry Standard Architecture (EISA) 
extended Int13 support 
external caches  [See L2 cache]
external hard disk drives 
Extra Density (ED) 


PC Hardware in a Nutshell
PC Hardware in a Nutshell, 3rd Edition
ISBN: 059600513X
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2002
Pages: 246

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