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baby ATs (BATs)  2nd 
back-side bus (BSB)  2nd 
backup power supply  [See BPS]
backup tapes, compatibility and 
backups  2nd 
    Daily Copy Backup, caution with 
    high-capacity FDDs and 
    for notebook computers, PocketZip and 
    removable hard drives and 
    SuperDisk drives not recommended for 
    utilities for 
    Windows long filenames and, caution with 
balanced transmission 
base addresses  2nd 
baseboards  [See motherboards]
Basic Input/Output System  [See BIOS]
Basic PC 99 
BATs (baby ATs)  2nd 
BEDO (Burst Extended Data Out) 
Belkin cables 
BeOS operating system 
Bernoulli boxes/cartridges 
bezels, removing 
Big Drives initiative (Maxtor)  2nd 
    ATA disk drives, installing 
    boot screen 
    default CMOS setting for 
    DIP switches 
    DMA support 
    expansion cards and  2nd 
    floppy disk drives
        determining types of 
    IDE capacity limits 
    IDE/ATA transfer modes and 
    jumper switches 
    memory timing 
    patch files 
    slotted processors, installing 
    testing new systems 
    updating  2nd  3rd 
        caution with  2nd 
        extended INT13 support 
        flash BIOS, caution with  2nd 
        recovering from failed 
bits per second (bps) 
bits-per-pixel (BPP) 
Blue Book (CD formats) 
boot devices
    using ATAPI Zip or SuperDisk drive as 
    removable hard drives and 
bootable CD-R discs 
bootable SCSI host adapters 
BPP (bits-per-pixel) 
BPS (backup power supply) 
    choosing/recommended  2nd 
    surge suppressor and, caution with 
bps (bits per second) 
branch predictors  2nd 
Branch Target Buffers 
break code (keyboard signals) 
bridge logic (functions) 
bridges (bus communication) 
brownouts (voltage reduction) 
BSB (back-side bus)  2nd 
buffer sizes
    CD writers 
    CD-ROM drives 
buffer underrun 
Buffer UnderRuN-Proof (BURN-Proof) technology 
bundled software  2nd 
    CD writer formats 
burn speed, choosing 
BURN-Proof (Buffer UnderRuN-Proof) technology 
burning CDs  2nd  [See also CD-R drives; CD-RW drives]
    troubleshooting for 
Burst Extended Data Out (BEDO) 
bus mastering DMA  2nd 
bus mice 
bus speed  2nd 
    slotted processors 
    socketed processors 
bus support 
buses  2nd  3rd 
    architectural improvements for 
    expansion slots for 
    interfaces  2nd 
    width of 
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