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A (amperes) 
Absolute Time in Pregroove (ATIP) 
Accelerated Graphics Port  [See AGP]
access time  [See average access time]
accessibility, configuring keyboards and 
ACPI (Advanced Configuration and Power Interface) 
ACR slot 
active SCSI terminators 
actuator arms 
Adaptec cables/host adapters 
Adaptive Delta PCM (ADPCM) 
ADC (Analog-to-Digital Converter) 
address buses 
addressability (PC cases) 
ADPCM (Adaptive Delta PCM) 
ADR (Advanced Data Recording) 
Advanced Communication Riser (ACR) 
Advanced Configuration and Power Interface (ACPI) 
Advanced Data Recording (ADR) 
Advanced Micro Devices  [See AMD processors]
Advanced Power Management (APM) 
Advanced Settings dialog 
Advanced System Buffering (ASB) 
Advanced Transfer Cache (ATC) 
AGP (Accelerated Graphics Port)  2nd  3rd 
    interfaces for 
Ahead Software  [See Nero Burning ROM]
AMD processors  2nd 
    drawbacks of 
    heatsink/fan units, caution with 
AMD-760MPX chipset, caution with 
AMI (American Megatrends Inc.)  2nd 
amperes (A) 
AMR slot 
analog overlay 
Analog-to-Digital Converter (ADC) 
    DataSwap hard drive system 
    KS-288 tool-free cases 
anti-RFI plates 
anti-static wrist straps 
anti-virus utilities 
APC UPS Selector  2nd 
aperture grill monitors 
APM (Advanced Power Management) 
applications  [See software]
archive bit 
ASB (Advanced System Buffering) 
asynchronous cache type 
asynchronous mode (unclocked) 
asynchronous motherboards 
asynchronous PCIs 
asynchronous serial framing  2nd 
AT Attachment  [See entries at ATA]
AT interface
    baby ATs (BATs)  2nd 
    keyboards and 
    main power connectors 
    power connectors 
AT-style desktop cases 
ATA cables 
ATA interface  2nd  3rd  4th 
    addressing limitations 
    data transfer modes and 
    DMA mode transfers and 
    IRQ and base address assignments 
    multichannel support 
    serial ATA and 
    standards and implementations for 
ATA/ATAPI devices
    CD-ROM drives 
        installing/configuring  2nd 
    CD writers 
    compatibility and 
    DVD-ROM drives 
    hard disk drives
    vs. SCSI devices 
    SuperDisk drives and 
    tape drives, installing/configuring 
    Zip drive and 
ATC (Advanced Transfer Cache) 
Athlon  [See AMD processors]
ATI video adapters 
ATIP (Absolute Time in Pregroove) 
    Auxiliary Power Supply Connectors 
    cases  2nd 
    fans, installing 
    form factors  2nd 
    I/O connectors/templates 
    Main Power Supply Connectors 
    motherboards, installing 
    Optional Power Supply Connectors 
    Specification Version 2.03 
audio  [See also entries at sound[audio]
    embedded  2nd 
audio channels 
Audio Modem Riser (AMR) 
automatic shutdown (backup power supplies) 
automatic termination 
AutoRun CD-R disc, creating 
average access time
    CD writers 
    CD-ROM drives  2nd  3rd 
    hard disk drives 
average latency 
Award (BIOS manufacturer)  2nd 
axis, in game controllers 
azo dye, in CD-R blanks 


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