Troubleshooting Lab

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In this lab, you troubleshoot a problem related to authentication. To complete this lab, you must have completed Exercise 1 in Lesson 2 of this chapter.

  1. On Computer2, start Windows 98.

  2. Log on to Windows 98 by providing the user name Administrator and the Administrator password assigned to Computer1.

  3. Click Start, click programs, and then click Windows Explorer.

  4. On the Tools menu, click Map Network Drive.

  5. In the Path field, type \\computer1\c$, and then click OK.

You will be prompted for a password. Typing the correct password will not enable you to connect to the shared folder, however. In fact, Windows 98 has already attempted to authenticate using the credentials you used to log on to Windows 98. Computer1 does not accept the LM authentication protocol, and Windows 98 interprets the rejection as the user providing invalid credentials.

  1. Since you provided the correct user name and password, why was Windows 98 unable to connect to the shared folder?

  2. How could you resolve the problem without reducing authentication security?

  3. How could you resolve the problem without upgrading the client computer?

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