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Oracle Security
By William Heney, Marlene Theriault
Table of Contents

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saving files  [See disk storage]
scheduling jobs 
schema  2nd  3rd 
    stored program ownership and 
Schema Manager utility (OEM)  2nd 
scott user account 
    DBA role, handling 
    example of secure application 
    failed  [See damage from failed security]
    government security levels/clearances 
    involving users in 
    OEM for  [See OEM]
    Oracle security model 
    passwords  [See passwords]
    resources for further reading 
    row-level  2nd 
        credit card system (example) 
    synonyms  [See synonyms]
    threats  [See threats]
    tools  [See tools for security]
    views for 
        data dictionary views 
Security Manager (Java) 
security manager account 
Security Manager utility (OEM)  2nd 
security plans 
    auditing  2nd 
        process of auditing 
        purging audit data 
        storing audit information 
        types of auditing 
     backups   [See backup and recovery]
    index and checklist for 
    key components (list) 
    need for 
    OSS for  [See OSS]
    user accounts 
security policies 
    need for 
security procedures
    backup  [See backup and recovery]
Security Server  [See OSS]
security user account 
segmenting application processing 
segmenting database authority (example) 
SELECT commands, triggers and 
SELECT privilege  2nd 
SEQ_AUDIT script (example) 
SEQ_RID script (example) 
Server Authorization role 
Server Manger Utility (svrmgr) 
servers, web 
set protection command (OpenVMS) 
SET ROLE command, disabling 
SGA (System Global Area)  2nd 
shortcuts, auditing 
shutdown, database
single sign-on  2nd 
size , file  [See disk storage]
sizing tablespaces 
    SYS.AUD$ table and  2nd 
    unlimited quota  2nd 
SKEME (Security Exchange Mechanism) protocol 
sniffers  2nd  3rd  4th 
Software Manager utility (OEM)  2nd 
source code, encrypting  [See encryption]
Space Management events 
speed  [See performance]
spoofers  2nd 
Spyglass HTTPS listener 
SQL privileges, disabling 
SQL Worksheet utility (OEM)  2nd 
    firewalls and 
    installing and configuring 
    Net8 Assistant 
    two- tier architecture and 
SQL*Plus, automatically running scripts 
SQL.BSQ file 
SQLDBA utility 
standards  [See security plan]
starting databases 
starting Oracle 
startup control (example) 
startup, database
state, user 
stateless connections 
statement-level auditing  2nd 
status, database  [See control files]
STORAGE clause (CREATE)  2nd 
Storage Manager utility (OEM)  2nd 
stored programs  2nd  3rd  [See also triggers]
    ownership and privileges  2nd 
storing files  [See disk storage]
structure modifications, auditing 
substitution cipher 
svrmgr utility 
swapping passwords 
synonyms  2nd  3rd  4th 
    location transparency  2nd 
    public vs. private 
    reasons to use 
    resolving, ownership and 
    tips for creating 
sys user account 
    password for 
SYS.AUD$ table 
sysauth$ table 
SYSDBA role  2nd  3rd 
SYSOPER role  2nd  3rd 
system files  2nd 
    list of, and descriptions 
    required for SQL*Net 
System Global Area  [See SGA]
system_privilege_map table 
system privileges  2nd  [See also privileges]
    adding to roles 
    auditing  2nd 
    built-in roles
        CONNECT role 
        DBA role 
        RESOURCE role 
        SYSDBA, SYSOPER roles 
    granted to roles (ROLE_SYS_PRIVS) 
    listing all granted (DBA_SYS_PRIVS) 
system resource profiles  2nd  3rd  [See also profiles]4th  5th  6th 
    DEFAULT profile 
system tablespace 
    audit data in  2nd 
system user account 
    OSS repository and 


Oracle Security
Oracle Security Handbook : Implement a Sound Security Plan in Your Oracle Environment
ISBN: 0072133252
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Year: 1998
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