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Oracle Security
By William Heney, Marlene Theriault
Table of Contents

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table_privilege_map table 
tables  2nd  3rd  [See also views]
    audit trail application (example) 
    auditing accesses to 
    capturing before/after edits 
        after-delete trigger (example)  2nd 
        after-update trigger (example)  2nd 
         before-insert trigger (example)  2nd 
        scripts to create triggers 
    creating within tablespaces 
    in data dictionary views 
    guessing names for 
    hiding (example) 
    indexes for 
    row-level security  2nd 
    triggers  [See triggers]
tablespace datafiles  2nd 
    backing up 
    automatic backups  
        SYS.AUD$ table  2nd  3rd 
    quotas for (sizing)  2nd 
    TEMPORARY, views and 
Tcl commands 
temporary segments 
TEMPORARY tablespaces 
terminated employees  
thin client architecture 
thread (log file) switches 
    auditing to detect  2nd 
    CONNECT role 
     curious employees 
    damage from failed security 
    data loss 
     disgruntled employees 
    failed login attempts 
    impersonation  2nd 
    OEM console accessibility 
    password guessing 
    privacy breaches  2nd 
    remote database access 
    REMOTE_OS_AUTHENT parameter 
    RESOURCE role 
    users who don't log off  2nd 
three- tier architecture 
TIPEM library function 
tools for security, list of 
tracking  [See auditing]
transactions, constant-state vs. stateless 
triggers  2nd 
    capturing table data (example) 
        after-delete trigger  2nd 
        after-update trigger  2nd 
        before-insert trigger  2nd 
        scripts to create triggers 
    CREATE TRIGGER privilege 
    Event Management System (OEM) 
    CONNECT role problems 
    OSS utility 
    RESOURCE role problems 
Trusted Oracle  2nd 
trusted shells  
ts$ table 
two-tier architecture 


Oracle Security
Oracle Security Handbook : Implement a Sound Security Plan in Your Oracle Environment
ISBN: 0072133252
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 1998
Pages: 154

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