List of Tables

Chapter 1: Installation Options and System Requirements

Table 1-1. System Requirements Table

Chapter 2: Installing Red Hat Linux

Table 2-1: Virtual Consoles
Table 2-2: Boot Options

Chapter 7: Diskettes and CD-ROMs

Table 7-1: mkisofs Options

Chapter 8: Shell Prompt Basics

Table 8-1: cd Options
Table 8-2: Options for ls
Table 8-3: Wildcards and Regular Expressions
Table 8-4: Example Permission Settings

Chapter 9: Managing Files and Directories

Table 9-1: File Types and Extensions
Table 9-2: Shell Prompt Compression Tools
Table 9-3: tar Options

Chapter 11: Working with Documents

Table 11-1: Features

Chapter 20: Package Management with RPM

Table 20-1: Error Code Characters

Chapter 22: Keyboard and Shell Prompt Shortcuts

Table 22-1: Red Hat Linux Keyboard Shortcuts
Table 22-2: System Prompt Shortcut Characters

Chapter 23: System Directories

Table 23-1: Subdirectories of /usr

Chapter 24: Comparing Common MS-DOS and Linux Commands

Table 24-1: A Comparison of MS-DOS and Linux Commands

Chapter 25: Gathering System Information

Table 25-1: Interactive top Commands

Appendix B: The KDE Desktop Environment

Table B-1: KDE Keyboard Shortcuts

Appendix D: An Introduction to Disk Partitions

Table D-1: Partition Types

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