Additional Resources

Much more can be said about the XFree86 server, the clients that connect to it, and the assorted desktop environments and window managers. Advanced users interested in tweaking their XFree86 configuration will find these additional sources of information useful.

Installed Documentation

The following documentation can be accessed from your Red Hat Linux system itself:

  • /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/doc/README — Briefly describes the XFree86 architecture and how to get additional information about the XFree86 project as a new user.

  • /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/doc/RELNOTES — For advanced users that want to read about the latest features available in XFree86.

  • man XF86Config — Contains information about the XFree86 configuration files, including the meaning and syntax for the different sections within the files.

  • man XFree86 — The primary man page for all XFree86 information, details the difference between local and network X server connections, explores common environmental variables, lists command line options, and provides helpful administrative key combinations.

  • man Xserver — Describes the X display server.

Useful Websites

See the following websites for more information on Xfree86:

  • — Home page of the XFree86 project, which produces the XFree86 open source version of the X Window System.

  • — Home page of the DRI (Direct Rendering Infrastructure) project.

  • — A HOWTO document detailing the manual installation and custom configuration of XFree86.

  • — The home of the GNOME project.

  • — The home of the KDE desktop environment.

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