Chapter 7. Adding Domain Member Servers and Clients

The most frequently discussed Samba subjects over the past 2 years have focused around domain control and printing. It is well known that Samba is a file and print server. A recent survey conducted by Open Magazine found that of all respondents, 97 percent use Samba for file and print services, and 68 percent use Samba for Domain Control. See the Open-Mag[1] Web site for current information. The survey results as found on January 14, 2004, are shown in Figure 7.1.

[1] <>

Figure 7.1. Open Magazine Samba Survey

While domain control is an exciting subject, basic file and print sharing remains the staple bread-and-butter function that Samba provides. Yet this book may give the appearance of having focused too much on more exciting aspects of Samba deployment. This chapter directs your attention to provide important information on the addition of Samba servers into your present Windows network whatever the controlling technology may be. So let's get back to our good friends at Abmas.

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