Section 7.1. Introduction

7.1. Introduction

Looking back over the achievements of the past year or two, daily events at Abmas are rather straightforward with not too many distractions or problems. Your team is doing well, but a number of employees are asking for Linux desktop systems. Your network has grown and demands additional domain member servers. Let's get on with this; Christine and Stan are ready to go.

Stan is firmly in control of the department of the future, while Christine is enjoying a stable and predictable network environment. It is time to add more servers and to add Linux desktops. It is time to meet the demands of future growth and endure trial by fire.

7.1.1. Assignment Tasks

You must now add UNIX/Linux domain member servers to your network. You have a friend who has a Windows 2003 Active Directory domain network who wants to add a Samba/Linux server and has asked Christine to help him out. Your real objective is to help Christine to see more of the way the Microsoft world lives and use her help to get validation that Samba really does live up to expectations.

Over the past 6 months, you have hired several new staff who want Linux on their desktops. You must integrate these systems to make sure that Abmas is not building islands of technology. You ask Christine to do likewise at Swodniw Biz NL (your friend's company) to help them to evaluate a Linux desktop. You want to make the right decision, don't you?

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