Section 2.1. Introduction

2.1. Introduction

Abmas Accounting has grown. Mr. Meany likes you and says he knew you were the right person for the job. That's why he asked you to install the new server. The past few months have been hard work. You advised Mr. Meany that it is time for a change. Abmas now has 52 users, having acquired an investment consulting business recently. The new users were added to the network without any problems.

Some of the Windows clients are nearly past their use-by date. You found damaged and unusable software on some of the workstations that came with the acquired business and found some machines in need of both hardware and software maintenance.

2.1.1. Assignment Tasks

Mr. Meany is retiring in 12 months. Before he goes, he wants you to help ensure that the business is running efficiently. Many of the new staff want notebook computers. They visit customer business premises and need to use local network facilities; these users are technically competent. The company uses a business application that requires Windows XP Professional. In short, a complete client upgrade is about to happen. Mr. Meany told you that he is working on another business acquisition and that by the time he retires there will be 80 to 100 users.

Mr. Meany is not concerned about security. He wants to make it easier for staff to do their work. He has hired you to help him appoint a full-time network manager before he retires. Above all, he says he is investing in the ability to grow. He is determined to live his lifelong dream and hand the business over to a bright and capable executive who can make things happen. This means your network design must cope well with growth.

In a few months, Abmas will require an Internet connection for email and so that staff can easily obtain software updates. Mr. Meany is warming up to the installation of antivirus software but is not yet ready to approve this expense. He told you to spend the money a virus scanner costs on better quality notebook computers for mobile users.

One of Mr. Meany's golfing partners convinced him to buy new laser printers, one black only, the other a color laser printer. Staff support the need for a color printer so they can present more attractive proposals and reports.

Mr. Meany also asked if it would be possible for one of the staff to manage user accounts from the Windows desktop. That person will be responsible for basic operations.

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