The first chapter deals with some rather thorny network analysis issues. Do not be put off by this. The information you glean, even without a detailed understanding of network protocol analysis, can help you understand how Windows networking functions.

Each following chapter of this book opens with the description of a networking solution sought by a hypothetical site. Bob Jordan is a hypothetical decision maker for an imaginary company, Abmas Biz NL. We will use the non-existent domain name All facts presented regarding this company are fictitious and have been drawn from a variety of real business scenarios over many years. Not one of these reveal the identify of the real-world company from which the scenario originated.

In any case, Mr. Jordan likes to give all his staff nasty little assignments. Stanley Saroka is one of his proteges; Christine Roberson is the network administrator Bob trusts. Jordan is inclined to treat other departments well because they finance Abmas IT operations.

Each chapter presents a summary of the network solution we have chosen to demonstrate together with a rationale to help you to understand the thought process that drove that solution. The chapter then documents in precise detail all configuration files and steps that must be taken to implement the example solution. Anyone wishing to gain serious value from this book will do well to take note of the implications of points made, so watch out for the this means that notations.

Each chapter has a set of questions and answers to help you to to understand and digest key attributes of the solutions presented.

    Samba-3 by Example. Practical Exercises to Successful Deployment
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